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The right insurance can make all the difference for car dealerships.

Whether you manage a non-franchise or franchise dealership in North Carolina, commercial car insurance is a must to safeguard assets, guarantee compliance, and preserve financial stability. Understanding this, it’s essential to work with an experienced team that works hard to ensure you have the right policy. At LaVaughn Rodgers Insurance, this is exactly what we do and what we’ve done for more than 45 years.

Commercial Car Insurance in North Carolina

Throughout those years, we’ve worked with many franchise dealerships and understand the various standards those dealerships need to follow regarding commercial car insurance. That’s why we strive to find policies that meet and exceed those standards, offering extensive coverage to safeguard the assets and reputation of the brand.

Non-franchise dealerships, on the other hand, function autonomously and without support from a parent corporation. While this may seem easier when looking for commercial car insurance, that might be the furthest thing from the truth. For instance, without the assistance and direction of a franchisor, non-franchise dealerships frequently must manage risks on their own. Because of this, they need the strength of a reliable commercial auto insurance policy on their side to mitigate potential dangers and uncertainties.

In the end, finding the appropriate commercial auto insurance is crucial, regardless of whether the dealership is a franchise or not. The right insurance for your dealership protects against unanticipated costs associated with theft, accidents, lawsuits, and more. If you’re curious about how your dealership’s current commercial auto insurance could be better, contact our team today.