Auto Dealership Insurance, North Carolina

You can consider us an extension of your operations team.

Operating a profitable franchise dealership in today’s market brings immense challenges, such as managing inventory, keeping up with regulations, providing excellent customer service, and more. With so many complex moving parts, you could face serious consequences if something unexpected disrupted your business. That’s why partnering with a local independent insurance agency, like us at LaVaughn Rodgers Insurance, is essential. For nearly 50 years, our auto dealership insurance clients have relied on our full-scope coverage options to mitigate risks.

Auto Dealership Insurance in North Carolina

From substantial assets, like vehicles and facilities, to smaller but mission-critical elements, like computer systems, dealerships require protection on many fronts. That’s why we’ve tailored auto dealership insurance packages to include commercial auto, garage keepers, general liability, workers compensation, property/casualty, umbrella, and business interruption policies catered specifically to dealership risks. Expert risk analysis allows us to pinpoint where your operations are most prone to profit or property damage should vulnerabilities arise. Comprehensive auto dealership policies then get structured around those sensitivities.

As an independent insurance agency, we can provide unbiased recommendations on finding the right coverage for your situation. Plus, by directly handling policy management in-house rather than through disjointed carriers, we give dealerships the gift of streamlined service. Our team becomes your personal advocate handling everything from the initial claim calls to follow-up status checks to ensuring proper reimbursements get issued quickly. You can consider us an extension of your operations team.

Running an auto dealership in North Carolina gives you the opportunity to serve your community, but it can also pose serious risks. Our auto dealership insurance policies mitigate that downside, allowing you to focus on growth. Let’s connect today to discuss how our dealership policies can start working for you.