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Buying a truck comes with a lot of responsibilities, including getting the right insurance coverage. Whether you use your truck simply to get from point A to point B or use it for business, truck insurance is essential. However, not every insurance policy is the same. Our team at LaVaughn Rodgers Insurance can help you cut through the confusion to get the coverage that exactly meets your needs.

Truck Insurance in North Carolina

There are many variations and coverage options when it comes to truck insurance, ranging from accident liability insurance, which is required by law and protects others if you’re the cause of the accident, to physical damage coverage, which protects your truck from damages caused by accidents, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.

There are also many factors when it comes to the cost. For example, the type of truck, its age, your driving record, and the coverage limits are some of the things that go into figuring out the rates. Working with our team to evaluate what truck insurance you need makes navigating the various factors much easier.

When you’re ready to explore truck insurance, talk to our team. We can assist by steering you in the right direction if you’re still shopping for a truck or if you simply need to assess your current coverage to see if it’s providing you with the most benefits. Our team has worked with countless North Carolina drivers over the past 45+ years, helping with home, auto, truck insurance, and more. Contact us today to learn more.