Condo/Co-op Insurance, North Carolina

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Owning a condominium or co-op unit comes with risks that differ from those associated with owning a traditional home. While your condo or co-op association has a master policy covering the building’s structure and shared areas, this policy does not extend to your unit or belongings.

Condo/Co-op Insurance in North Carolina

This is why condo/co-op insurance is important At LaVaughn Rodgers Insurance, we know the requirements of condo and co-op owners in North Carolina. Our mission as an independent insurance agency is to provide personalized solutions. We prioritize your best interests so your condo/co-op insurance coverage truly protects what matters most to you.

Condo/co-op insurance typically includes dwelling coverage, personal property protection, liability coverage, and loss assessment. For example, dwelling coverage helps repair your unit’s interior, including fixtures, flooring, and walls. Individual property protection covers furniture, electronics, and clothing, from theft, damage, or loss.

If someone is injured within your unit or if you accidentally cause damage to another person’s property, you will need liability. Loss assessment coverage helps pay for your share of costs if the condo or co-op association imposes a special assessment following an event.

Our dedication to exceptional service continues after finding the right policy. We support you throughout the life of your policy, helping with claims and policy updates and addressing any questions or concerns you might have. We aim to ensure you always feel confident and secure with your coverage. We stay current with industry trends and changes, guaranteeing our clients receive the most current and effective coverage. Whether you’re purchasing a new unit or reviewing your existing policy, we invite you to contact us.