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We tailor a policy that provides optimal protection.

Driving a taxi is more than just a job. It’s a service that keeps your community moving. At LaVaughn Rodgers Insurance, we understand the importance of protecting your livelihood and providing peace of mind. Our taxi insurance is designed to cover all the risks and requirements of taxi drivers, whether you operate a single vehicle or manage a fleet. With us, you can drive confidently and know your business is protected.

Taxi Insurance in North Carolina

As an independent insurance agency based in North Carolina, we find the best insurance solutions for you. Our personalized approach means we represent your best interests, not the insurance providers. You receive taxi insurance coverage that fits at the best possible price.

Taxi insurance differs from standard auto insurance in several key ways. It typically includes higher liability limits because of the increased risk of transporting passengers. This coverage protects you against claims from accidents where passengers or third parties are injured, or their property is damaged. Additionally, taxi insurance often covers vehicle damage, medical expenses, and even lost income if your vehicle is out of service due to a covered incident.

One of the most important aspects of taxi insurance is ensuring comprehensive coverage that addresses all potential risks. We work with you and your operation to determine your number of vehicles, the areas you serve, and your driving history. This thorough approach allows us to tailor a policy that provides optimal protection.

We also offer additional options such as uninsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection, and coverage for specialized equipment or modifications to your taxi. Contact us now and let us use our knowledge and expertise to protect you.