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Protect yourself and anyone you transport with NEMT insurance.

Ensuring patients have access to essential services is crucial in the healthcare industry. However, without adequate transportation, it can be difficult for those with disabilities, long-term illnesses, or mobility issues to go to medical appointments and treatments. Herein lies the role of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), which offers vital transportation services to individuals requiring them. Nevertheless, NEMT insurance is required in order to provide these services.

NEMT Insurance in North Carolina

NEMT insurance is a specific kind of coverage meant to safeguard businesses or individuals that offer non-emergency medical transportation services. Transporting patients to and from doctor’s appointments, dialysis sessions, physical therapy sessions, and other non-emergency healthcare-related locations are all considered non-emergency medical transportation.

As with traditional transportation services, NEMT providers are subject to a variety of risks when operating their vehicles, including collisions, mechanical failures, and injury to passengers. By covering liabilities and any damages that can occur during transportation operations, NEMT insurance helps to reduce these risks.

Now that you know what NEMT insurance is, you might wonder how to get it and if you need it. The first part of that is easy; our team at LaVaughn Rodgers Insurance can help with your NEMT insurance needs in North Carolina. The second is a bit more confusing, but our team can help with that as well. We’ll listen to your needs and what services you provide to assess not only the need for NEMT insurance but also find the right policy for you. With over 45 years of experience in the insurance industry, we’re a team you can trust.

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