La Vaughn Rodgers Insurance of Kannapolis, NC

Local insurance provider offering complete, affordable coverage

La Vaughn Rodgers Insurance, a local insurance provider in Kannapolis, NC, has over 43 years of experience providing auto, commercial, home, health, and other types of insurance to satisfied customers. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond expectations for all of our customers. Why choose to entrust something as important as your insurance into the hands of a big box corporation? La Vaughn Rodgers Insurance’s friendly and local staff will take the time to learn your name and treat you like family. You won’t get that kind of service at any of the large corporations that handle millions of clients everyday.

When it comes to price, we simply can’t be beat

La Vaughn Rodgers Insurance offers the lowest pricing on any type of insurance

When it comes to your various monthly bills such as rent or mortgage, utilities, gas, etc, we completely understand the desire to keep costs as low as possible. Since insurance tends to be one of those monthly expenses for most people, we are committed to finding the most affordable underwriter for all of our clients. By working alongside our customers to understand their basic insurance needs, we will work hard to find a coverage plan that meets all of your insurance needs while keeping the cost as low as possible, no matter what type of insurance you’re looking for. It’s our commitment to you, the customer.

Put our experience and knowledge to work for you

Founded in 1974, still working just as hard today

Are you tired of dealing with insurance companies with 1-800 numbers that connect you to an automated system? Ditch prerecorded voicemail messages and link up with a local insurance company made up of real people who care. La Vaughn Rodgers Insurance in Kannapolis, NC is staffed with knowledgeable and friendly staff who are there to help you with all of your insurance issues in real time. Call (704) 932-0159 or email us at to get started today.

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